Taste the Future

Taste the Future

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Sue’s Tech Kitchen is a tech-fueled wonderland for the mouth and the mind. Envisioned by bestselling author and Zuckerberg Media founder and CEO Randi Zuckerberg, Sue's Tech Kitchen celebrates all corners of the modern imagination and offers STEM-inspired adventures that empower families to engage with tomorrow’s technologies today.


Mission to Mars!

A STEM Adventure for Kids Ages 8 - 11

Mission to Mars! concept art.

Mission to Mars! concept art.

Beginning in Summer 2019, this weeklong educational experience invites kids on an immersive storytelling adventure with Sue, who can lead the way to the Red Planet! While solving problems, unraveling mysteries, and completing projects together, students learn the basics of CodingMachine LearningEnvironmental Science, and Engineering and hone their skills as Ethical Innovators. Designed by a team of STEM and education experts and drawing inspiration from role-playing games, escape rooms, and immersive theater, this Adventure-Based Learning experience engages the imagination, curiosity, and intellect of students as they transform into STEM superheroes.

Mission to Mars! premiered at Rochester Institute of Technology in July.

Recent Events


February 2019 at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan!

From her Tech Kitchen in the not-too-distant future, Sue called on young citizens around the globe to join her elite C.H.E.W. Crew and build a tomorrow that embraces opportunity and inclusion. During their first mission, recruits learned about Sue’s innovative projects, chose what unique role they can play on her crew, and produced their own 3D-Printed (and edible!) Squad Badges.

National Tour

Thank you to everyone who joined us during our National Tour, which brought guests around the country a sneak peek of the treats and technologies under development in Sue's laboratory. Visitors of all ages enjoyed 3D-printed S'mores, robots controlled by candy, edible chemistry experiments, treat-dropping drones, and more!