Mission to Mars!

A STEM Adventure for Kids Ages 8 - 11

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Envisioned by Zuckerberg Media CEO and Co-Founder Randi Zuckerberg, this weeklong educational experience invites kids on an immersive storytelling adventure with Sue, who can lead the way to the Red Planet! While solving problems, unraveling mysteries, and completing projects together, students learn the basics of CodingMachine LearningEnvironmental Science, and Engineering and hone their skills as Ethical Innovators. Designed by a team of STEM and education experts and drawing inspiration from role-playing games, escape rooms, and immersive theater, this Adventure-Based Learning experience engages the imagination, curiosity, and intellect of students as they transform into STEM superheroes.

Highlights of the week will include*:

  • Mars Rover Mission Control tabletop game designed with a NASA scientist who helped land the original rover on Mars!

  • Custom 3D-Printed (and Edible!) STEM cookie badges to celebrate each student’s choices and accomplishments during their adventure

  • Hands-on STEM activities such as color-changing UV-detection wearables, coding challenges, custom AI tools, and more.

  • Daily “Snacktivities” that serve as tasty reinforcements of each day’s theme

  • And much more!

July 15 - 19 (Day Camp): 9am - 3pm daily

August 5 - 9 (Morning Section): 9am - noon daily

August 5 - 9 (Afternoon Section): 1pm - 4pm daily

August 12 - 16 (Morning Section): 9am - noon daily

August 12 - 16 (Afternoon Section): 1pm - 4pm daily

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Calling All Heroes!

Mission to Mars! seeks to establish a brand new approach to STEM education that we call Adventure-Based Learning. By drawing students into a friendly, gamified story experience, they get to become the STEM heroes that save the day. Participants go on an unforgettable adventure as they work together to advance the story by solving mysterious puzzles, building unique projects, and completing exciting missions.

Integrated STEM Learning

Rather than focusing on narrowly-defined STEM skills with limited future relevance, Mission to Mars! aims to equip children with the mindset and broad skillset essential to innovation in the 21st century. While exposing students to a diverse range of next-generation STEM fields, we also integrate concepts such as systems-based thinking, collaboration strategies, and ethical entrepreneurship.

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*Certain elements of the program will only be available in NYC and/or may vary from session to session based on availability.