Mission to Mars! STEM Adventure (ages 8-11) : August 5-9 in NYC

Mission to Mars! STEM Adventure (ages 8-11) : August 5-9 in NYC


August 5-9 in NYC (9am-noon)

This weeklong workshop series invites kids on an immersive storytelling adventure with Sue, a friend from the near future who can lead the way to the Red Planet! Color-changing Martian crafts, edible MarshMolecules, weather-predicting AI tools, and Mars Rover models are just a few of the projects students will complete together while learning the basics of Coding, Machine Learning, Environmental Science, and Engineering and honing their skills as Ethical Innovators. Designed by a team of STEM and education experts and drawing inspiration from role-playing games, escape rooms, and immersive theater, this Adventure-Based Learning experience engages the imagination, curiosity, and intellect of students as they transform into STEM superheroes.

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Sessions run from 9am-noon Monday through Friday.


Alchemical Studios at 104 W 14th St in Manhattan.


Additional Details will be sent to enrolled participants.

Please send questions to sue@suestechkitchen.com.